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A study plan is always created in a particular application and are related to a particular course (you can see the identifiers in the example data below).

Explanation of data

The subjects element can contain objects with the following properties:

  • code This is the subject code, normally what is used by the university internally. You may use this code to match the study plan entries to your SIS.
  • name name of the subject.
  • academic-year holds an identifier to a resource describing the academic year (Fall,Spring etc.).
  • credits is the number of ECTS credits for this subject.

The statuses can currently be:

  • Blank
  • Prepare
  • Completed
  • Accepted
  • Closed


GET /api/applications/123/studyplans/1
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234

Response example

  "subjects": [
          "code": "ASTR",
          "name": "Astronomy",
          "academic-term": "/api/academic-terms/1",
          "credits": "5"
          "code": "BOT",
          "name": "Botany",
          "academic-term": "/api/academic-terms/1",
          "credits": "2"
          "code": "CAL",
          "name": "Calligraphy",
          "academic-term": "/api/academic-terms/1",
          "credits": "3"
  "created": "2015-02-13T15:55:46+00:00",
  "revised": "2015-02-13T15:56:10+00:00",
  "course": "/api/courses/321",
  "application": "/api/applications/123",
  "status": "Prepare"