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-====== DreamApply documentation ======+====== DreamApply Developer Documentation ======
-Choose a general topic to start with:+Most integration work, as well as custom processes are implemented on our REST API.  Please dive into the API manual to get started.
-[[https://help.dreamapply.com|For institutions users]]+<div centeralign> 
 +<inline btn btn-neutral btn-lg btn-xxl>[[api:manual|DreamApply API manual]]</inline> 
-[[https://help-applicants.dreamapply.com|For applicants]]+\\  
 +Most DreamApply installations have the API enabled. You should find it under System -> API in the administration menu and be able to generate API keys. If you cannot find it there, please contact [[mailto:developers@dreamapply.com|dev support]] or [[mailto:support@dreamapply.com|general support]]. 
 +If you have any questions about using our API or other development mattes, please write to us at [[mailto:developers@dreamapply.com|developers@dreamapply.com]] 
 +Please note that there is also a [[https://github.com/dream-group/dream-apply-sdk|PHP SDK]] that can help you get started. 
 +If you are not a developer, here are some other resources that you may find helpful: 
 +[[https://help.dreamapply.com|For institutional users (admin, advisors)]]
-[[api:manual|API manual]]