Use to see if the applicant has uploaded any new documents. The HEAD verb is useful if you only want to test if this applicant has any documents at all (and how many). Use the GET verb to get the listing of documents.


GET /api/applicants/123/documents
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234
X-Count: 15

Response example

  "222": {
    "uploaded": "2014-04-29T15:46:38+00:00",
    "name": "Passport",
    "mime": "image/jpeg",
    "size": "1966954"
  "333": {
    "uploaded": "2014-04-29T15:46:38+00:00",
    "name": "Diploma",
    "mime": "image/jpeg",
    "size": "310178"