GDPR information

Due to GDPR regulations, it is possible to delete applicants from the system, for example with the “Right to be forgotten” tool, batch purge (by academic term) or with an individual applicant record deletion.

However, in order to not destroy accounting records, invoices are the only data that is preserved after an applicant record is destroyed. To achieve this, invoices are detached from the applicant records, losing this association. This is why in the admin UI they are distinctive with a gray “anonymous” icon and also why in the API response the applicant field is set to NULL.


Retrieve information about a particular applicant invoice.


GET /api/applicants/123/invoices/321
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234

Response example

      "nr": "TUIT-123/2014",
      "applicant": "/api/applicants/65",
      "application": "/api/applications/70",
      "course": "/api/courses/5",
      "issued": "2014-07-12T12:09:42+00:00",
      "delivered": "2014-07-12T12:09:57+00:00",
      "deadline": "2019-09-17"
      "reminded": null,
      "collected": null,
      "items": [
              "item": "Tuition fee",
              "price": "1899",
              "qty": "1",
              "unit": "-"
      "currency": "EUR",
      "instructions": "dfgsdfgs dfgs\r\ndfg\r\nsdfg\r\nsd\r\nfgsdfgsdfgsdfg",
      "smallprint": "Please make sure that you include the invoice number in the payment transaction. Otherwise the payment may not get properly processed.\r\n\r\nThis invoice has been issued electronically and is valid without a signature. The invoice is issued in accordance to the region that you specified during your registration. If the region (and the currency) is not correct, please contact us for re-issuance."