List all exports that have been generated from the application in question. Use the HEAD verb to see if there are any exports at all. The X-Count header will indicate the number of exports available.

All exports are always made against a specific offer (as is evident from the response below). For example, if an applicant has received Accepted offers for two courses, there might be different exports for both of them.

The actual exported (binary) files are called blobs (Binary Large OBjects) and are listed and can be retrieved separately, using the URI given in the reply.


GET /api/applications/123/exports
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234
X-Count: 15

Response example


  "1": {
    "exported": "2014-05-19T13:10:08+00:00",
    "processed": "2014-05-19T13:10:33+00:00",
    "cancelled": null,
    "offer": "/api/offers/60",
    "profile": {
      "code": "CONTRACT",
      "name": "Study contract",
      "adapter": {
        "adapter": "SpecialExportAdapterForABCUniversity",
        "fields": {
          "Contract type": "MSc",
          "Print signatures": "yes"
    "blobs": {
      "/api/applications/123/exports/1/blobs/1-537a02b27c20b": "StudyContract.pdf"
  "6": { ... }
  "7": { ... }