List all offer types configured for this setup.

Note that in the GUI they will be displayed according to their title property (see the “Browse” menu). However, when filtering applications by offer types (see /api/applications) you must use the actual type names, not their title property. In many cases, they overlap, but this cannot be guaranteed to be so.


GET /api/applications/offers/types
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234

Response example

  "Nominated": {
      "title": "Nominated",
      "colour": "#f09e1d"
  "Feedback": {
      "title": "Feedback",
      "colour": "#ff5599"
  "Positive feedback": {
      "title": "Positive feedback",
      "colour": "#ff5599"
  "Conditionally accepted": {
      "title": "Conditionally accepted",
      "colour": "#97c4d9"
  "Accepted": {
      "title": "Accepted",
      "colour": "#97c4d9"
  "Failed": {
      "title": "Failed",
      "colour": "#e53828"
  "Other": {
      "title": "Other",
      "colour": "#AFAFAF"
  "Enrolled": {
      "title": "Enrolled",
      "colour": "#B866FF"
  "Arrived": {
      "title": "Arrived",
      "colour": "#ffd21f"