List institutions using the filters set as parameters. The number of institutions is represented in the X-Count header - use the HEAD request to simply count the number of institutions matching the filters. Use the GET request to actually fetch them.

Note that in most use cases there will only be one institution in the system. However, in exchange management setups as well as collaborative systems there may be a larger number of institutions.


GET /api/institutions
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."


Name Description Notes
byStatuses Optional List of statuses, currently limited to: Online, Draft [1]
byModes Optional Internal (DA user) or External (not users of DA, partner etc.) [1]
byCountries Optional List of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes [1]
  • Note [1]: Lists can be either comma or space separated. All list items are combined with logical OR operators - in other words an institution is considered matching if it matches to any of the values in the list.

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1456
X-Count: 1

Response example

  "1": {
      "status": "Online",
      "mode": "Internal",
      "name": "Sample university",
      "country": "EE",
      "location": "Tallinn",
      "www": null,
      "erasmus": null,
      "registration": null,
      "departments": "/api/institutions/1/departments"