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List invoices using the filters set as parameters. The number of invoices is represented in the X-Count header - use the HEAD request to simply count the number of invoices matching the filters. Use the GET request to actually fetch them.


GET /api/invoices
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."


Name Description Notes
byApplicantIDs Optional List of applicant ID-s [1] 
bySerieIDs Optional List of serie ID-s [1] 
byCurrencies Optional List of 3-letter currency symbols [1]
byCollected Optional Set true to only fetch invoices that have been collected. Set false to only fetch invoices that have not been collected yet.
byOverdue Optional Set true to only fetch invoices that are overdue (not collected and deadline has passed). Set false to fetch invoices that are not overdue (collected or deadline not yet arrived).
  • Note [1]: Lists can be either comma or space separated. All list items are combined with logical OR operators - in other words an application is considered matching if it matches to any of the values in the list.

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234
X-Count: 15