List all invoice series set up in the system. Invoice series are used to generate new numbers for invoices under a specific series. For example, invoice for appfees and tuition fees may be issued with different series and thus will maintain a different numbering scheme.

Format markers

%inc%  Number (continuous)'
%incYearly%  Number (re-started yearly)'
%incMonthly%  Number (re-started monthly)'
%incDaily%  Number (re-started daily)'
%yearLong%  Year number (long, i.e. 2013)'
%yearShort%  Year number (short, i.e. 13)'
%month%  Month number (zero-padded, i.e. 02)'
%day%  Day number (zero-padded. i.e. 31 or 03)'


GET /api/invoices/series
Host: apply.example.edu
Authorization: DREAM apikey="..."

Response headers

Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 1234

Example response

  "1": {
      "name": "Untitled",
      "format": "%yearShort%-%incYearly%/%inc%",
      "last": {
          "when": "2014-07-17T10:55:40+00:00",
          "number": "14-2/2"